EFT is a therapy which may be beneficial for physical, emotional, or psychological issues. Some examples are:

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This could be from birth trauma, abuse, war, bullying,accidents, deaths, etc
  • Fears and phobias of all kinds
  • Anxiety about things such as airplane flights, public speaking, test anxiety
  • Survivor Guilt
  • Recurring nightmares
  • Effects of former abuse of any kind
  • Acute or chronic pain anywhere in the body, or range of motion issues
  • Abandonment issues
  • Cravings, or compulsive habits

Advanced EFT includes “tearless trauma” techniques. Many times, if a person has to review the story of a traumatic event in detail, this can be a “trigger” to re-experience the pain of the trauma. By using these techniques we are often able to clear the trauma without reliving the experience. Many people find positive benefit from the very first session, with continuing progress on various issues if they choose to continue for several sessions.

EFT ,or Emotional Freedom Technique, was called Thought Field Therapy years ago. Basic EFT can be learned easily by most people, and this training is available free online. Advanced EFT involves in-depth training and experience in the various techniques and approaches that may be used to facilitate success with deeply-held issues and challenging situations.

EFT uses a combination of rhythm, repetition, and the body’s natural meridian system. We have techniques available which encourage the right and left sides of the brain to work better together. We use a combination of voice prompts and techniques for the eyes to process and clear things which have been held by the subconscious mind. This is especially helpful for PTSD, chronic pain, and nightmares. EFT can be used to craft a new chapter in life for yourself, by releasing the old struggles and choosing to welcome some positive new options for yourself. You get to decide which things you would like to clear, and which new experiences you may like to welcome into your life.

EFT can be a great addition to Mercier Therapy, especially in cases where the person has experienced the things listed above, or has emotional issues related to fertility challenges or miscarriages.

Laura Pierce saw amazing results from Basic EFT, and in 2007 studied every advanced EFT class available through Gary Douglas, the founder of EFT. Laura has had many great successes working with every issue listed above. Laura offers both in-person and Skype video sessions of EFT, and she has probably worked on issues similar to yours already. Hourly appointments are available on weekdays during daytime hours in Eastern Standard Time. It is affordable and easy. Book an appointment today via phone or email. Requests will be answered on weekdays.

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Laura Pierce is a certified Mercier Therapist who trained directly with Jennifer Mercier, the woman who developed Mercier Therapy. Laura has a background as a certified professional midwife whose practice has spanned several decades and 3 countries. She has worked in 7 hospitals and numerous clinics. Laura Pierce has attended many home births as well as hospital births.

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