What is an Access Consciousness Bars Treatment?

“Running the bars” is a relaxing session that takes place on a treatment table. The practitioner works with a specific sequence of 32 points on the head, plus one point on the hands and one point on the feet. There is no pain involved. 50% of people tend to fall asleep during the session, which goes on for about an hour.

Many people report a feeling of relaxation during and after a session, similar to the feeling many people get after a massage. This modality can gently assist a person who is feeling overwhelmed or who has “too much on their mind”. The treatment helps to gently “de-frag” the brain of its overwork , worries, and obsessions, and gently assists a person’s energy to feel more balanced. Many people feel more clear in the head and body for days afterwards. Some people feel even more long-lasting benefits to their sense of well-being.


Besides receiving the bars treatment, there are additional Access Consciousness programs that a person could choose to participate with. There are some Access Consciousness questions that we can ask ourselves, to clarify situations in our life so that we may learn new ways of viewing things and new ways of being in the world. There are books, videos, classes, and conferences available for those who choose to explore this modality more deeply.

Laura Pierce trained as a Certified Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner in 2014, and is happy to offer these sessions at a reasonable rate. Call or email today to request an appointment!

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