Hi Laura. Thought you'd appreciate hearing some feedback about a mutual client.I worked on her yesterday and found a big improvement in her pelvic hip area. It's like the tissue is more open, less irritated. _________ confirmed that impression, saying the leg/hip isn't as tight, feels more freed up. I also sensed that on an emotional level the tissues, muscles, and ligaments in the pelvic region can relax more now because the pain and trauma they have been carrying for years has been acknowledged in a deeper way through your work. This impression resonated with ________, too.All in all, I was fascinated to hear the account of her sessions with you (she experienced Mercier Therapy, Advanced EFT, and Access Consciousness Bars) and to feel for myself the difference it made in her body. In the future I hope we can collaborate again in a similar fashion. I am thrilled to have someone with your expertise to refer my clients to. Found you through Nelda McEwan's website.
-Sandra Schroeder

Laura Pierce is a professional, skilled, and empathetic practitioner. Her assessment questionnaire, verbal clarification, and then abdominal palpation led her to tailor the treatment I required for decades-old scar tissue and adhesion of organs from an abscessed cesarean section. The relief was palpable (pun intended).
With her holistic approach, wealth of knowledge, and experience, she imparted what would complement my healing. Laura provided explanations to ease my concerns. Who better than someone who trained as a midwife to know the pelvic structures and have the firm, yet gentle technique required to provide Mercier Therapy?
As a retired Obstetrical and Infertility Registered Nurse, I fully appreciate how Mercier Therapy returns balance and flow within the pelvic area.
Laura utilized her extensive training in either Advanced EFT or Access Consciousness Bars in the hour prior to Mercier Therapy. This provided an optimal, personalized combination of therapies.
I am very grateful to Laura for the care, warmth, and sensitivity she extended to me. I open heartedly recommend Laura's services and her lending library.
-S, Exeter, Ontario

We often carry hurts with us. Some for years, others more recent. I have been on a healing journey for the last 18 months. Learning to let go and forgive. Learning why I do the things I do, and what the story is that is running in my subconscious mind to make me think the way I think. Some of my story is good, but much is old and not even mine. One of the most effective tools I have found in letting go of what no longer serves me is E.F.T., and Laura Pierce guides this letting go with precision, kindness and compassion. If you are ready to lay down your burdens it’s time to come and see her.

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Laura Pierce

Laura Pierce is a certified Mercier Therapist who trained directly with Jennifer Mercier, the woman who developed Mercier Therapy. Laura has a background as a certified professional midwife whose practice has spanned several decades and 3 countries. She has worked in 7 hospitals and numerous clinics. Laura Pierce has attended many home births as well as hospital births.

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